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Pale Blue with Red Flower

Pale Blue with Red Flower

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Pale Blue with Red Flower

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Celebration price: $20.00

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Blue and Red Flower Murano Glass Charm: This bead will charm you into stopping to appreciate the sheer beauty of nature with blue, green, and red flowers. Encased in silver, the flowers depicted in this Murano Glass Bead will simply take your breath away, letting you appreciate the allure of fresh blossoms wherever you are. The artistry of these blooms captivates, whisks one away to memories of fresh air and fragrant blooms even when indoors. Blue, red and green, such basic colors, come to life in Murano Glass, creating a bead with unrivaled appeal to any nature or flower lover. Add this glass bead to your bracelet and you too shall bloom, your life will become another miracle of nature. Be transcended by the efflorescence of these soft flowers set in stunning Murano Glass, which reflects the colors of the great outdoors, the pale blue sky, the soft green grass, and the vibrant red flower.
Color Blue, Red
Material Murano Glass
Weight 2.81g
Inner Diameter 4.5mm
Height 12mm
Width 6.2mm
Thickness 6.2mm

 Fits all major brands of bracelets

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