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Frozen Sea Blue

Frozen Sea Blue

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Frozen Sea Blue

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Celebration price: $20.00

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Frozen Sea Blue Murano Glass Charm: Do you love the frigid elegance of the Arctic Ocean, the frozen sea? Or, are you just a winter buff period, allured by the purity and uniqueness of the snowflakes falling to the earth? Either way, you will want to add this Murano Glass bead to your bracelet. With its blue and white depiction of the frozen sea with snowflakes falling to the icy water, suspended in time, this charm is so rich and vivid that you may actually shiver with the breathtaking beauty of it. The frozen sea trapped in Murano Glass if the perfect gift for any occasion. Give a crisp and refreshing taste of winter and water anytime to a loved one or simply gift yourself.
Color Blue
Material Murano Glass
Weight 3.82g
Inner Diameter 4.5mm
Height 12mm
Width 6.2mm
Thickness 6.2mm

 Fits all major brands of bracelets

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