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Chinese Zodiac Snake

Chinese Zodiac Snake

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Chinese Zodiac Snake

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Celebration price: $15.00

Normal price: $30.00

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Don't lie in wait for this silver Chinese Zodiac Snake Charm from Soufeel, grab it today! In Chinese astrology, your Sheng Xiao or birth sign is determined by the year rather than the month you are born. Like the western zodiac, there are twelve signs with each one named after an animal. The Year of the Snake is number six and is associated most recently with the years 1977, 1989, 2001 and 2013. For the Chinese, the Snake is a symbol of shrewdness, intelligence and cunning. Made from 925 sterling silver, this Chinese Zodiac Snake Charm from Soufeel embodies these qualities with with the snake depicted as wrapping itself around the bead in wait. You won't need a snake charmer to be charmed by this silver trinket from Soufeel!
Color Silver
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Weight 2.89g
Inner Diameter 4.8mm
Height 10.6mm
Width 9.5mm
Thickness 12.3mm

 Fits all major brands of bracelets

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